Thursday, November 7, 2013

3D Scanning Apps: Will Microsoft Make 3D Printing Common in Every Household?

3D scanning could become a household activity in the next few years if Microsoft ends up dominating the market with a particular app. Yes, we're really living in the future when it may be possible to scan something in 3D right through our smartphones and then print those images out later for awe-inspiring uses. But the question is whether Microsoft will actually get their application out there to the marketplace soon before others win the race.

Microsoft's Demonstration
Microsoft Research recently demonstrated their app that can successfully scan anything in 3D and then print out the same way. The demonstration took place recently at Innovation Day 2013 in Beijing, China through the Asian division of Microsoft Research. The demonstration appeared to be successful and showed just how fast 3D scanning is developing. It also showed how we could soon start scanning virtually anything in the real world, then print them out as a 3D duplicate.
Before 3D scanning was fully developed, most people were taking 3D images from websites and printing them from there. However, Microsoft Research notes how passe that's becoming and gave a stunning picture of what their 3D scanning app could do.

Printing Out the World Around Us
Imagine being able to go into a store, scan something, and then print it out in real size to see how that product might look later in your home. While this could lead to complicated copyright issues down the road if abused, private use in the home would help us be able to shop much wiser.
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In addition to that, artwork in general will become much more realistic. Even if some people might consider a 3D face on an object to be eerie, most people would love to have a 3D representation of loved one's face on a card or perhaps a mug. On the emotional side, it could also prove to be comforting when a loved family member dies and a 3D representation of their face can be kept by the family for preservation.

Predicting When Microsoft Will Debut the App
Being Microsoft Research, this app may not see the light of day in the immediate term. This tech wing of Microsoft is always working on amazing technology that sometimes never gets released to the public due to imperfections. Right now, there's one available 3D app called Autodesk 123D that works fairly well in scanning 3D images and allowing you to print.
In the meantime, Microsoft predicts within five years, we'll all be doing 3D scanning. The thought of it is very exciting when seeing the world around us with a third dimension potentially gives new insight into reality. When it can be applied to the real world, it likely won't be a fad, unlike 3D in the movies.

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