Thursday, December 19, 2013

MBot 3D Printer: The MBot II Now Provides the Most Advanced Features at an Affordable Price

MBot 3D printers have been some of the true leaders in the technology side of 3D printing thanks to state-of-the-art printing availability without exorbitant cost. Recently, MBot put out the MBot Cube II that now takes home-based 3D printing to new levels at a price that's cheaper than some high-definition TV's.
When you see the features on the MBot Cube II, you'll see why it's emerging as one of the names in 3D printing that might eventually become known in every household.

Printing Larger Objects
The desire to print larger 3D objects has always been a problem on other,  less expensive printer models. For a while, printing larger objects was also more or less relegated to industrial 3D printers. Now, the MBot Cube II changes all that along with a dual extruder so you can print out objects using a mixture of two different colors. Most cheap, home-based printers have only been able to print in one particular color.
It also comes with the ability to transfer printing files through an SD card or a USB port, which is a considerable upgrade for cheaper 3D printers. You can easily read all the functions on a front-panel LCD display screen.

What the Printer Will Look Like When You Bring it Home
According to some reviews, it's not the most attractive-looking 3D printer out there. In comparison to MakerBot's better-looking earlier Replicator 2, some people might not care for the design. Then again, most 3D printers don't look overly attractive right now, despite being designed to be transparent so you can see the 3D printing process take place.
What matters is that the MBot Cube II is said to have a trouble-free user experience with good results on the larger prints. It is available in a single or dual extruder model. Tech support is catching up because of its lack of community support due to MBot not yet being a well-known name.

Will the MBot 3D Printers Corner the Affordable Market?
The affordable 3D printer market is already becoming quite large with various names like Cubify dominating. Now that MBot has moved into this game and providing high quality 3D prints at an affordable price, will they be a household name in another few years? As with any new technology, company names will come and go, with only a few standing in the end. With the MBot II being sold in mainstream locations, don't be surprised if MBot corners the market in providing affordable printing that doesn't skimp on features consumers demand.

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