Friday, February 14, 2014

The Cubify CubeX 3D Printer Triple Head, Multi-Color and Larger Print Builds

The name Cubify CubeX has been a trusted name in 3D printers for quite a while, and their Cubify CubeX 3D Printer Triple Head now brings the continued evolution of more personal 3D printing. Along with Makerbot, the Cubify printer helps bring some astounding advancements to the home market. Where they both succeed is in the ability to expand the size of printed objects and being able to print in different colors.

Print Size and Available Materials
Like the Makerbot Replicator 2, the new CubeX 3D printer can print objects at the equivalent size of a basketball. And while the Replicator 2 can print at near industrial level, the CubeX comes close. With some advanced settings, you can print some very complex things that couldn't be done on the home market level just a year ago.

The two main printing materials available here are PLA and ABS plastics. PLA is one of the best because it's renewable and much more stable than other plastic types. It's recommended you use PLA when printing larger items because of this stability. However, ABS complements PLA well. ABS is known for being a good support material when printing larger objects.

Printing with Different Colors
Those who bought prior home-based 3D printers have likely been frustrated at being only able to print in one or two colors. The CubeX opens that wide open with the ability to print in 18 different color schemes. You have to buy cartridges for each color (and they run $99 each), though it provides the option to bring your 3D project to true colorful life once and for all.

Cubify Invent Software
The software that comes with the printer is also as intuitive as Makerbot's software advancements. The CubeX software comes with the ability to convert your object into slices so you can see exactly how each part will be designed on the screen. It even gives you simulation of what the object will look like on the printing bed by allowing you to rotate and see from every angle.

Excellent Customer Support
It seems customer support is getting better all the time with major 3D printing companies. Makerbot has achieved this, and Cubify does the same. While the latter isn't open 24/7, they are open 16 hours in a day and provide a phone number that doesn't place you on endless hold.

The Cubify CubeX is obviously a 3D printer with huge advantages for the home market. It's one we gladly promote here at MWave3D.


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