Friday, February 7, 2014

The Drive to Get 3D Printers in Schools: Makerbot is Leading the Way

The drive to get 3D printers in schools seems to have a new adamant determination recently, or at least through one 3D printer maker. With 3D printing starting to change how we'll all be manufacturing things in business and at home, having 3D printers in every school should be a given. And yet, with the price of 3D printers still a little high for the best models, it's far from being a mainstream idea right now.
This might change soon with the 3D printer company Makerbot going forward in making sure every school in the nation has a 3D printer. The CEO of Makerbot, Bre Pettis, started a crowd funding drive this last fall called Makerbot Academy that pledges to get one of his Makerbot printers into every school in America. First, though, he pledged a 3D printer for every school in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York.
This is a vision of the future, and also a lone one, so far. Other 3D printing companies have yet to come forward to help schools get geared up for the future of what's possible. But with Pettis at the helm and likely to get his own printers dominating the school market, you can be sure other companies will soon join his ranks.

How Will 3D Printing Change Schools?
The ways 3D printing is already changing things in various professional arenas is astounding. In the world of dentistry and other industries where making things is essential, it's giving a whole new spin on the meaning of manufacturing. In schools, being able to scan something and print it out in perfect 3D clarity is just as eye-opening in the realms of education.

Imagine being able to scan images of the human body or pieces of art and be able to print them into 3D objects students can tangibly examine. In science classes, that used to be the stuff of science fiction if ultimately helping kids view the world in a whole new perspective. Things that students didn't have access to can now be held and felt to give insight into the beauty of natural and man-made creation.
Along with that, students can make things on their own in art classes and print them into fully realized 3D objects. Considering 3D printing needs to apply education first in computer-aided design, it can help kids step forward in computer technology. They can also take home art projects that are far different from things made by hand just a generation or two ago.

It's why the Makerbot drive to get 3D printers in schools is soon going to bring a revolution to education. There shouldn't be any doubt that Bre Pettis's goal will succeed in time and bring other companies to the fore in providing affordable 3D printers for schools.

We'll keep an eye on those developments here at MWave3D. We're a blog focused on the latest in 3D printing and scanning for those interested in following the evolution of this important technology.

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