Thursday, March 6, 2014

Surgeons are Developing Important Skills with 3D Printers

Being a surgeon is a profession that requires a person to develop a high level of skill. These individuals must have advanced hand-to-eye coordination abilities. Developing these skills and abilities is something that requires talent and practice. It is now possible for surgeons to perfect their skills and abilities with the use of 3D printer training models. This is becoming a popular tool that's utilized in the training of brain surgeons.

According to an article in Business News Daily, “3D printing relies heavily on designers who can take a product idea and translate it into something that can feasibly be brought to life...3D printers are being used in many design disciplines, such as product design, medical device design, architectural visualization and entertainment design.”

Mixed Reality Surgery
As part of their training at the University of Florida, future generations of surgeons are practicing on 3D models of the brain. These models are being used in conjunction with images of different types of surgery. They refer to this type of training as mixed reality surgery. It provides the training surgeon an opportunity to conduct actual surgical procedures on a 3D printed model. These models are based on the images of brains from real patients and their skulls. These images are obtained from MRI and CT scans.

Individual Surgery
Many surgeons who have trained using this method believe it has potential beyond simply being used for training. They believe this technology could help patients in the real world. A 3D model could be made of a patient's current brain and skull condition. This would enable a surgeon the opportunity to practice a specific procedure prior to performing the surgery. Doing this could be a huge help when dealing with a delicate surgery.

Interactive Training
When surgeons train in the traditional method they spend a lot of time viewing surgical procedures. They then practice performing surgical techniques on cadavers. After a period of time they are carefully introduced into actually doing surgery. Being able to perform surgical procedures on 3D models increases the level of experience a resident has prior to becoming a surgeon.

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