Friday, March 21, 2014

Who says you can't own a Porsche Cayman

There is a place where driving pleasure reaches its pinnacle. Where the laws of physics are set in asphalt, and where gravity insists on finding its center. It’s a point so precisely located, a single degree can be the difference between a perfect moment and profound disappointment. Welcome to the apex of the curve, where the new Porsche Cayman lives. The new Cayman. There’s an apex just waiting for you to arrive. Get your Porsche Driving Experience for the low MSRP of $52,600.00!

Or.... you could just download it through this link and own one for free. Porsche released a 3D Printed design file for everyone to download for FREE back in December, and if you missed it, it is still available for download. Print one for yourself, modify, or scale it to your specifications and use your 3D Printer to bring it to life. Get creative and personalize it!

Here are just a few of those designs posted on Twitter under hashtag #3DCayman.





Thanks to Porsche, for making the Porsche Cayman a reality for the rest of us!

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