Thursday, May 29, 2014

3D Printing for the Masses, Just a MATTER of Time

Not ready to dive into 3D printing yet? This new 3D printer might just change your mind. Out of Pasadena, a company named New Matter has partnered with Frog on Indiegogo for a crowdfunding campaign to bring 3D printing to the masses. For about the same price as the average tablet, consumers will soon be able to purchase the New Matter MOD-T 3D Printer for just $250.

"3D printing should be affordable and easy3D printing should be as easy as how we create and communicate. That’s why New Matter is more than just a printer. It’s an end-to-end 3D printing system, including our breakthrough MOD-t 3D printer, complimentary software, and a store full of cool 3D-printable designs. " from Indiegogo

While you would expect this printer would be missing a lot of functions for it's price point, it's surprisingly featured with Wi-Fi, non-proprietary PLA filament support, and a max build size of 150 x 100 x 125mm. Currently the minimum layer height is 200 microns, but they hope to support 100 microns by the time it hits production.

Solving the issue of price and ease of use, New Matter is breaking down the barriers and making 3D printing accessible to everyone. So when can we expect to see the MOD-t hit the streets? New Matter has already hit their campaign goal of $375,000 in just a matter of one day, with 29 days to go. With a successful campaign and hopefully no glitches in the road, look for production to start February to May of 2015.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mwave3D brings Solidoodle 4 to our portfolio of 3D Printers

The Solidoodle 4th Generation 3D Printer is the latest addition to the Solidoodle family. With it comes several improvements in design and the overall look for the Solidoodle. 3D printers in the past have not always been very appealing, but now that the technology is evolving, consumers and enthusiasts are looking to see more attractive designs to compliment their desktops.  The Solidoodle 4 definitely fits that bill with it's clean lines and slick appearance. It's new improved housing includes a full enclosure with concealed components. With a completely enclosed case it also eliminates that unappealing smell of melting ABS plastic and creates a safer and more pleasant printing environment.

The Solidoodle 4 also features a new extruder, capable of extruding both ABS as well as PLA. Although ABS is still the recommended filament for this machine. The build platform has an updated thumbwheel calibration to adjust the height, simplifying the process, no longer requiring a wrench to adjust.
    Standard Features:
  • Creates plastic parts up to 8" x 8" x 8"
  • Uses 1.75mm plastic filament (ABS/PLA)
  • Heated Build Platform
  • Resolution up to .1mm
  • 13.5" x 14" x 15" case footprint (L x W x H)
  • Internal Steel frame
  • Powder coated steel enclosure
  • Easy-open lid for quick access
  • Internal case fan with air filter to vent build chamber
  • Electronics mounted internally and thermally isolated from build chamber
  • Thumbwheel calibration of platform height - no wrench required (Z-tab)
  • Easy snap-in filament spool holder
  • Fully Assembled & Tested
Aimed at budget conscious consumers, it is extremely affordable with a price tag of $943.83 including shipping for FREE at The Solidoodle 4 offers great value to consumers, an attractive design, and improved functionality. The Solidoodle 4 is the perfect choice for consumers looking to try their hand at 3D Printing, get yours today!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

So until I can bring the meat, here's the potatoes...

Joshua Harker, Artist, sculptor, musician, digital adventurer, imagination architect, troublemaker launches Kickstarter to fund "Phase 1" of development for a revolutionary new 3D printer technology.

While Kickstarter backers will receive no benefit of the new technology being developed, they will however receive rewards based on his contemporary 3D printed filigree floral sculptures, "Mazzo di Fiori" in addition to the satisfaction of knowing they are supporting the greater good of the 3D printing revolution. Until exploration and provisional patents can be filed, the "meat" of this new revolutionary technology will not be revealed, other than the fact that it is a completely new approach to 3D printing.

From his Kickstarter Campaign:
"For the last 18 months I've been developing a new 3D printing technology to usher in the next generation of the 3D printing revolution in terms of quality, capability, cost, access, & ease of use.  This is a completely new approach & not another FDM/RepRap or DLP project.  So far so good, beta software & prototype hardware results are sound but I've already spent more than I can afford on development.  I need your support to complete R&D.

As an inventor, I'm here to share my vision but need to reach a more viable version before I can make promises on it.  As an artist, I'm here to support that vision with my work.  I ask for your participation in "PHASE 1" of development to bring something creative & useful to the world."

In the meantime, Joshua has already funded 588% of his modest $500 Kickstarter goal with 28 more days to go. While he is unable to make any guarantees that all will go as planned, we do have faith that we will see Joshua return for "Phase 2", which is to launch a second campaign and bring the next generation of 3D printers to market. We'll keep following his progress, and bring you any updates as they become available.