Friday, June 6, 2014

Building It DIY Style, MBot 3D Printer Kits

MBot 3D Printer Cube Kits
With the 3D Printing market expected to reach 10+ billion dollars in 2022, the 3D Printing industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Companies are going ALL IN to make their mark in history during a time in which some are calling the second industrial revolution.

Although many consumers are intrigued by this new technology, the thought of taking that $1000 plus plunge to purchase one, is not quite as appealing. It's just above the mark of what many are willing to invest at this stage of the game.

Introducing the MBot 3D Printer Kits, which take the price pain out of the purchase, and allows hobbyists to make it their next DIY project. What better way to understand your 3D printer, than to build it from the ground up!

MBot offers the 3D Printer Plywood Kits for $549.99 for the single extruder and $649.99 for the dual extruder, both include free shipping. All kits are shipped with the highest quality packing materials, to ensure your parts arrive in pristine condition. Included are thorough IKEA style instructions to help guide you through the assembly process. Customer support is offered via e-mail and also through the community forums where MBot users can share their experiences, tips and suggestions along the way.

Checkout our MBot 3D Printer Cube Kits at mwave3D today!

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