Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Next Generation of 3D Printing Pens... Get Creative on the Fly!

The Polyes Q1 from Future Make, takes creativity to a whole new level in a safe and fun new way. Forget about playdoh & legos, kids and adults alike will soon be able to take the new Polyes Q1 and create without limits. While this product is not yet available, it will launch any day now on Kickstarter with much anticipation. With similar 3D pens on the market like CreoPop, the Polyes Q1 sets itself apart by utilizing liquid ink rather than burning ABS/PLA materials.  By eliminating the heating element and replacing it with a blue light curing process, the pen is perfectly safe for everyone including the environment.

From Future Make: 
 "Designed by top brand design company, Polyes Q1 is the most adorable and durable 3D printing pen with top technologies in it. Essentially, its function is to 3D draw objects, but, the technologies in it are not the same as the current 3D printing pens in the Market. It is a light-curing process without any hot nozzles or bad smell, which is a huge breakthrough for 3D printing industry."

How it works?

Polyes Q1 adopts the blue LED which nearly does no harm to people’s eyes. The pen has photo-polymers inside, and it solidifies immediately when exposed under the blue light . You can justify outflow speed by operating a convenient key on the pen, and the LED shows the amount of the power remained in the pen. According to our researchers, inside the pen has an important characteristic called the safety level sensor, in order to protect children from being hurt by eyes.

Polyes Q1

Polyes has a few of the advantages over similar products.
1. Convenient: no power cord or no material dragging.
2. Easily chargeable: one charge 40-60min.
3. Extremely Safe: safe to touch. Draw designs on body. Safety for children. No hot nozzles or unpleasant odor.
4. Wide range of materials/inks: multi-color (all colors of the rainbow)
5. Energy Saving: Uses light instead of heat. Cuts down on energy costs (saves money, good for environment). Rechargeable battery, no wires."

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