Wednesday, January 14, 2015

MBot Mini - Small. Safe. Stable

The MBot Mini 3D Printer is compact, easier to use and more stable than any other 3D printer on the market today at a very consumer-friendly retail price of $599. It's incredibly affordable price makes it the perfect choice for users who are wanting to give 3D printers a try for the first time.

While 3D Printers can be a very intimidating, the MBot Mini is not in any way. MBot takes the frustration out of setup with true auto-calibration. It's new compact design, allows it to fit on any desktop comfortably or it's even small enough to take it with you.

The new MBot 3D Mini 3D Printer is coming to Mwave3D in the Spring of 2015. Stay tuned...


Positioning Precision  0.1mm 
Build Volume(Single)  140x140x135mm 
Build Volume(Dual)  --
Materials  PLA/ABS 
Connectivity  PC/SD card with SDHC support 
Front Cover  Aluminum Alloy 
Stepper Motors 1.8° step angle with,1/16 micro stepping 
Shipping Box  404x378x432mm 
Printer Software  Mprint 
Operating Systems  WIN 7,Vista Linux,Mac OX 
Layer Thickness  0.1mm-0.3mm 
Nozzle Working Temp  210℃-260℃ 
Flow Rate  50-120mm/S 
AC Input  110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 90W 
Chassis  Aluminum Alloy 
XYZ Bearings IKO Linear Bearings(X&Z) HIWIN Linear Guide Rail(Y)
Printer Size  332x330x308mm 
Shipping Weight  11.7KG 
File Types  STL